About Bluetest Testservice GmbH

Test is much more than telling pass from fail

The company was founded in 2011 by Hans-Peter Neuber, Andreas Tendler and Fritz Schlicher, a well-rehearsed team. The three founders had been working together for 25 years in a testhouse before their decision to become self-employed.

Company philosophy

A healthy tree bears good fruit

  • Fairness
  • Intelligent structure
  • Integrated thinking
  • Appreciation of staff
  • Efficient usage of natural ressources

Highly motivated and well skilled employees and an adequate environment are matrix for quality, competence and customer orientation

Lab Spezification

Bluetest Lab

  • ESD floor in complete lab and storage area
  • Controlled climate conditions
    20 – 25°C temperature
    40 – 60% humidity
  • Central compressed air supply
    10 bar (145 psi), dry and oil-free
  • Vacuum pumps (> 135l/min)
  • Cleanroom ISO-6 under laminar flow box

Mixed Signal Test System

LTX-Credence D10

  • 192 digital channels
  • 16MB Vector memory
  • 16 4-Quadrant VI sources
  • Multiwave with 4 arbitrary waveform generators and 4 digitizer
  • Easy integration of external measurement equipment

Our Goals

  • create and preserve sustainable jobs
  • Establish test capabilities close to customers and preserve practical test know-how in Europe
  • Find optimal test solutions for innovative products

Our Motto

  • appreciate good work
  • grow moderately
  • and practice a value oriented company philosopy

Founders & Timeline

Details of our General Managers and milestones

Andreas Tendler

Andreas Tendler

General Manager Test Support Engineering

*1959 · married · 3 children

1978-1983 Siemens

  • Technician Electronics

1985-1986 TÜV Stuttgart

  • Hardware development

1987 -2011 microtec GmbH

  • Test software and Test hardware development
  • Burn-in manager
Dipl-Ing. (FH) Fritz Schlicher

Dipl-Ing. (FH) Fritz Schlicher

General Manager Product Support Engineering

*1957 · married · 2 children

1983-1988 SEL Stuttgart

  • Test engineer

1988 -2011 microtec GmbH

  • Test software and Test hardware development
  • Quality Management
  • Team Leader Test Engineering
Hans-Peter Neuber

Hans-Peter Neuber


1958-2023  · married · 3 children

1974-1986 SEL Stuttgart

  • Technician
  • Telecommunications
  • Maintenance

1986-2008 microtec GmbH
Operations Manager

2009-2011 RoodMicrotec Stuttgart

  • COO
  • Authorized Officer
  • General manager of RoodMicrotec Holding GmbH Nördlingen
  • Member of Corporate Management Team

Bluetest timeline

  • 2011
    Move in Leonberg, Hertichstraße 10
  • 2012
    Installation of infrastructure, test system, waferprober, thermostream, handler
  • 2013
    Expansion of machinery (handling systems)
    Certification ISO 9001
  • 2014
    Expansion of machinery (test system)
  • 2015
    Installation of photovoltaic system
  • 2018
    Foundation of bluetest GmbH & Co.KG
  • 2019
    Installation of second photovoltaic system

Think global – act local

climate-friendly testing by 100% renewable energy

Many semiconductor production steps are very energy intensive processes. Electrical testing is one of them. Bluetest would like to make a contribution to a better over all energy balance of our customers products and subsequently to the global climate

Energy saving equipment and heat recovery has been applied since years in our lab. March 2015 we installed a photovoltaic system which covers over 10% of our power consumption by renewable energy. A second plant with the same capacity went into operation in September 2019. The green electricity supplier Lichtblick will cover further electricity requirements.

Semiconductor Service Network

Bluetest Testservice – provider of test services for the whole product lifetime.

Furthermore we cooperate with reliable partners, e.g. for product launch.